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RF Chip Engineer (GaAs/SOI/GaN/HBT)

Recruiting Category: Social recruitment
Work Experience: 1-3 years
Region: Chengdu丨 Shanghai



  1. Responsible for the design and development of RF products;
  2. Cooperate with colleagues in other departments to carry out quality, project, testing and other related tasks.
  3. Analyze and locate problems independently.


  1. Meticulous style of work, strong enterprising spirit and dedication, good professional ethics, integrity and sense of responsibility.
  2. Familiar with GaAs or SOI or GaN process, have a deep understanding of the circuit structure of residential RF devices (such as low-noise amplifier, power amplifier, attenuator, phase shifter, transceiver multi-function chip, control multi-function chip, etc.), be able to independently select appropriate GaAs/SOI/GaN process, complete the development and testing of relevant RF microwave chips; experiences in HBT amplifier chip and WiFi amplifier development will be preferred.
  3. Master's degree or above in microelectronics, electromagnetic field and microwave technology, physical electronics and communications, more than two years of experience in GaAs or SOI or GaN process RF chip development.
  4. Good coordination and communication skills, teamwork spirit and dedication.

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